Stucco in Tucson

At Cole's Custom Painting LLC, we take pride in helping home, and business owners make a good first impression. While there are many unique ways to enhance curb appeal, beautiful stucco siding and features are one of the best. Versatile and reliable, stucco can be made in an array of colors and textures sure to highlight the beauty of any property.

Our team has been installing stucco for residential and commercial clients for years. We use only the very best tools and industry-leading techniques to ensure that your installation goes off without a hitch.

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Stucco Installation for Your Property

One of the best aspects of stucco is its design versatility and overall durability. Commonly used as a siding or outdoor feature, stucco can be used in the interior as well as the exterior of your home or business. If you are interested in finding out the useability of stucco, you’ve come to the right place.

When you get in touch with Cole's Custom Painting LLC’s experts, we will sit down with you and discuss your design and how our stucco services can help realize your vision. Once we have an idea of where you want to use the stucco, we can provide you with a detailed quote and timeline for the duration of the job. Once a design plan is in place, our team can begin the installation process.

Benefits of Stucco

Stucco siding is one of the most popular architectural features of all time. It’s durable, attractive, easy to clean, and classic. You may have seen stucco applied to residential buildings, churches and schools. Stucco has been around for hundreds of years. In fact, some forms of stucco date back to ancient times. But what makes stucco a good choice for a modern home or business owner? You’re about to find out. Stucco is:

  • Durable: It’s able to outlast the weather, wear and tear, and even minor accidents.
  • Low-Maintenance: It’s easy to clean and requires very little upkeep.
  • Safe: It’s fire resistant, making it a smart choice for those who want to protect loved ones or save on insurance premiums.
  • Diverse: Stucco can be used in a variety of settings, and can be installed in a myriad of colors and textures
  • Looks Great: It can be applied pretty much anywhere and never outdated.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to choose stucco. But there’s only one company to trust for your stucco application: that’s us.

Modern Day Stucco

Stucco is an ancient material that originated in Greek and Roman cultures. It can also be used to create stunning, unique designs and was at one point in time, one of the most popular mediums for sculpturing. While original stucco was made using gypsum, glue, and marble, modern-day stucco is made by combining water, lime, and cement. Pigments can be added to the stucco mixture to achieve a variety of colors.

Stucco has a distinct design presence and is used in a variety of architectural pursuits. Although an extremely affordable building material, stucco has been used to create beautiful buildings, including hotels, and luxurious homes for years.

Adding stucco to the exterior of your home or business building is a great way to achieve a unique and fortified finish. When installed properly, stucco can last for years with very little maintenance.

To get started on stucco installation today, talk to one of our experts.

The Best Local Stucco Contractors

Here at Cole's Custom Painting LLC we know stucco. We know everything from traditional to synthetic stucco, and the best methods for application. We’re a team of fully trained professionals with the necessary experience in applying stucco material. Whether you’re a newbie to stucco or you’re already familiar, we’ll give you the service you want. We’ll work with you to assess your personal needs and offer advice, feedback, and suggestions.  When it comes to you and your stucco needs, we’re the experts.

How We Do It

Applying stucco is no do-it-yourself job. Incorrect application may lead to cracks and damage that will require repair down the line. You need the expertise of Cole's Custom Painting LLC and our special multi-step process:

  • Research and Prep: Stucco should only be applied under certain conditions. If the temperature outside is too hot, the stucco mix will crack and dry. If the weather is too cold, the mix won’t spread properly. We’ll ensure that the procedure is only done under proper conditions. Once the ideal temperature is determined, we’ll lay down the necessary materials.
  • Layering: Stucco cement requires three full layers.
    • The first layer is called the scratch coat and is the foundation for your stucco siding. We take great care of this layer.
    • The second layer is known as the brown coat. This is a slightly thinner layer and applied smoothly.
    • The third layer is the final layer. We apply this using a trowel and finish with your desired pattern.
  • Clean-Up: After your new stucco material is finished drying, we finish the job by removing our tools and materials. We always leave your property neat and tidy.

Premier Stucco Installation in Tuscon

The team of experts at Cole's Custom Painting LLC has been installing stucco solutions on home and business properties for years. We take pride in providing the community of Tuscon with premier customer service and long-lasting installations.

Our commitment to beauty and quality has made us one of the most trusted and sought-after stucco installation companies. We work hard to maintain this reputation on each new property we visit. Our clients attribute our spectacular reputation to our immaculate finishes. Other to our impeccable customer service. We like to think it’s a bit of both.

If you think stucco is right for your property, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have and give you an estimate on cost.